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In the year 2020

It was the year 2020, when a terrible crisis in the form of a viral disease afflicted all of humankind. This virus caused fear, terror, and great hardship. From now on, every new day was different than the day before. The wealthy people didn’t know what would remain, the old and the poor were afraid to lose the last thing they still had – their life.

During these days, a rider had ridden deep into the forest alone with his horse and his dog. He had also suffered great losses overnight. And he feared for the people he loved and who often came to him for advice. The rider felt responsible, not only for himself, but also for the other people living on Earth. He was searching deep connection, insight, solution, and inspiration, which he usually found outside in nature.

He had been riding through the stillness of the forest for a while and the thoughts of fear and worry had finally been replaced by a feeling of deep satisfaction and gratitude when he suddenly noticed – out of the blue – a woman riding beside him. She looked young but appeared old and wise. Politely, he introduced himself and realized that he didn’t know her name. Instead, she said that she wanted to speak with him about a very serious problem. It was a kind of illness, something like a virus, which initially was harmless but had now mutated into something that she believes she cannot survive much longer. The virus had developed by leaps and bounds and had started to change constantly and to take from her much more than necessary in various new forms. “But this virus doesn’t know that, in the end, it will destroy itself,” she added.

At first, it had spread on her skin, the woman said. Then the different forms had started fighting against each other. And in the form that the virus had taken now, this illness was penetrating deeper and deeper into her body and recklessly pressed even the last out of her and contaminated all fluids and organs more and more. She felt that this virus polluted the breathable air and poisoned everything in her and around her. This illness was driven completely by power, greed, and fear. Now, she was at a loss, she told the rider, and asked whether he could give her any advice.

The rider was touched by her story, since he himself had ridden out to find a solution for the viral disease and its consequences that affected all areas of his life. He was also searching for a cure. And just now this woman rode beside him who also spoke of a virus. He was perplexed, but he felt called to offer encouraging support just like he supports all people who come to him.

“Usually, we are given hints when something in our system isn’t right so that we can do something about it,” answered the rider carefully. “When that doesn’t help, the temperature of our body increases and we have a fever,” he continued. “We call that immune system and self-healing. And if that doesn’t help, we go to a doctor and ask for a medicine that strengthens us or defeats the illness.” The rider asked the mysterious woman whether she hadn’t felt anything, hadn’t developed a temperature, or taken any measures against the virus.

At this point, the woman reined in her horse and looked at the rider lovingly. “You are genuinely making an effort and think I must introduce myself now and tell you the truth,” she replied. “I am your home. I am the one who feeds and carries you. You call me Mother Earth. Now I have changed and taken on the shape of a human. You, lonely rider, you and your brothers and sisters, you are my problem, you are my virus. Humankind has evolved into my illness. Yes, I have felt the signs when the pollution increased, species became extinct, the wars became more and more cruel, when large-scale livestock farming led to

global misery for the animals, and when all that happened that you know yourselves, but that you don’t want to see. I allowed Fukushima to happen, extreme forest fires and an accumulation of plastic garbage in the ocean that are is large as Europe. In Syria, I allowed the most nonsensical of all wars to happen and endured it for many years so that you would recognize yourselves. And, yes, I developed a fever and raised my temperature and waited in good faith that you would realize it and that you had time to act.”

She paused and then she continued: “Now, I’m getting help from Corona, she could be called the queen of human evolution, to bring you the insight to understand who the real virus is. I think this will be my last attempt to shake you awake. I love you humans. Please don’t force me to take the final step out of love for the rest of creation on this planet. Wake up, rider, wake up, humans! Every one of you has creative powers, a divine spark that allows you to move mountains. Each individual can discover it within, accept it, and kindle it. When that has happened, you can join forces around the world to heal yourselves and your home, this Earth, together. Please, you must realize that the time is exactly NOW!”

Dear ones, all of you who currently share your precious life with me on Mother Earth, I think we must now agree on a common goal: A sustainable Earth, a world in which all children can live in peace, have enough food and a chance to receive an education according to their unique nature.

From now on, let’s develop our thoughts and actions consistently based in love and no longer out of fear, greed, and lust for power. Together we can do this.

Stay healthy and may the creator protect you and bless us and Mother Earth.
Yours truly, Bernd Osterhammel